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Being a member of PCN will also make special offers available at discounted prices, such as software, telephone services, etc. †††† ON LINE CONSULTATION SERVICES AND ASSISTANCE
PCN offers consulting services, technological tools and support to its associates as they begin and continue to develop their use of the internet, with the hope of preparing members who will become professional webmasters. FORMATION
The objective of offering PCN members courses for using the internet is to guarantee that all members will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to plan and create their own web sites.
PCN periodically organizes seminars, workshop and courses for its members. COMMUNITY
To become a PCN members means to participate in a real community, to share in the knowledge and experiences of all its members. Everyone who participates in the community will have all the following services available to them: on line information, assemblies, demonstrations and conferences which will facilitate their use of the internet and communications in general.

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