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"Peace Communication Network" is a Consortium of Institutions formally established according to Italian law, founded in 1995 by members of Catholic Religious Institutes. As the names suggests, PCN wants to communicate the peace of Christ to all men and women in all parts of the world.

Our objectives
We want to offer our members modern communications technologies for announcing the Gospel of Christ to the whole world. We also offer our members, at competive costs, global internet connections that satisfies needs of each member group.† This is possible since we offer services at differnt levels, according to the requirements of each institution.

Our members
Although the Consortium was only recently constituted, it has grown rapidily. At this time the Religious consortium members are more than 100 groups. The Consortium has the capacity of providing services for over 500 Institutes.† Discover how your organization can become part of PCN.† Our Statute permits all entities listed in the Pontifical Annuary and all organizations associated with these entities to become members of PCN.† You do not need a powerful computer to enter the network.† As you get to know PCN and how we can serve your Institutions, you will be able to make better decisions in the field of communications.

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