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Assets of the Consortium
Corporate Activity and the Budget
Consortium Executive Structures


Article 1

(Headquarters and Term)


The Consortium is called: Peace Communication Network Consortium. 


The headquarters of the Consortium are located in Rome, Italy, at Via Copenaghan n.40. 00144 Rome. 


The expiration date of the Consortium is defined by constitutional act as December 31 (thirty-first), 2050 (two thousand fifty). 


The expiration date of the Consortium may be anticipated or extended according to prescriptions of law.


The Consortium may open branch offices, and have representatives and agents in Italy and in other countries.


Article 2

(Nature and Goals)


As a not-for-profit organization, the Consortium has been constituted to:


a) provide its members with communication tools to make the gospel message known through the use of new technologies;


b) assist its members to accomplish their proper mission more efficaciously, particularly by  giving everyone equal global network access in keeping with their individual needs;


c) seek out the means, the know-how, and whatever else proven necessary on the world scene, for the sake of  furnishing Consortium services in the best possible way;


d) establish a resource base for information about technology, computer communications, investment, taxes and administration for Consortium members.


The Consortium is prohibited from undertaking any kind of profit-making activities or any activities detrimental to the interests of the Consortium members.

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